Catering Vans - Still Viable??

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My sister and I want to earn cash with the idea of a burger/food van. Can anyone advice as to how easy or difficult, it is to get a regular market/car booth pitch or industrial round, is there someone to approach?
Is this business still profitable?
Im sure there would be some learned person who could offer somd advice


  • proactive1proactive1 Posts: 1subscriber
    Hello Derick,
    Back in the `90s I was a sales rep for the National Restaurant Association. Their function is to represent, educate and promote the industry. You might find the following link useful... You may also want to contact them or, contact your home state`s Restaurant Association partner organization.
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    Another potential downside with a burger/food van is that you can only be in one place at a time. If for example you find a good sized company that will allow you to park in their parking lot during lunch, that`s all the customers you will have. That one location. Seems very limiting since most companies have a specific lunch hour and if not, most employees take their lunch around noon anyway.
    Is that the type of food van you were refering to?
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