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Looking for an Idea

Hi, I`m new comer in this site, I`m Agung from Indonesia.
Having read some posts in this site and seems like I will get more knowledge and information thru it, hopefully it can be a way to work together especially in Logistics, Freight Fowarding or Information Technology World. 
Be honest, I`m looking for an investor thru this site however information sharing would be most important.


  • awfreightindoawfreightindo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig and "nGenuity" (vy sorry, I don`t know your name),
    Thanks for sharing that information to me. And as I ever mentioned before that `looking for an investor` is  my target - it is true but there`s something more important than that - to have thought sharing and network such like you.  
    Again, thanks Craig and nGenuity - really appreciated
  • awfreightindoawfreightindo subscriber Posts: 1
    Yup, it could be many things Craig .. I`ve little bit knowledge and experience in freight forwading, logistics and IT - and you have another knowledge and experience then perhaps through this site, will get another idea / knowledge from others also. 
    I believe once people has a communication (written or oral) and know what they are talking about then it will produce/create new information / idea or even something valuable.  Whatever it`s - through communication will gain something. Hopefully good.
  • awfreightindoawfreightindo subscriber Posts: 1
    US`s really place to get more knowledge and experience, I do believe that and as far as I know, Businessman here follow US business practice as well mostlikely.  Just wonder If I have a chance to work there .. ha..ha..
    Indonesia infrastructure is not really bad - there`re many logistician from other country work here.  The company that I work for is foreign investment purely. Such DHL, GAC, SCHENKER, LINFOX, TNT, UPS and others, they growth here. 
    I believe you know that Indonesia has huge potentiality of goods movement - our country call by Indonesia Archipelago - there`re 5 big islands but only Java, Sumatera and Kalimantan (Borneo) growth .. the last is Sulawesi (Celebes) and Irian Jaya (Papua).  All seperate by sea ... until this part there`re 3 kinds of transportation works -- Land, Sea and Air.   I will share with you more about this country later.
    Back to your question .. room for independent businessman ... as mentioned above Craig, I can say yes .. there`s plenty room but you have to get many information first before put your step here.  At least, you must have good people (local) who can help you with the plan.
    Cheers ..
  • awfreightindoawfreightindo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig,
    Very sorry long time no reply. I`ve just come back from Melbourne.
    About skill/education seems like interesting unfortunately I have a lack in tuition fee especially overseas university.  Do you have any idea how I can get more skill/education without huge expense.  Sorry, I have a motivation to learn but always stuck with the cost.  Perhaps  you can share or help me.
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