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Taking it to the next level

tazdacattazdacat subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2009 in New Member Welcome
hello everyone!
I`m not new to this site, I`ve been lurking around for a couple years and want to share my situation on this forum. I don`t have a legitimate business yet but...what I do have is the potential for making lots of money. you see I`ve been picking wild Blueberries for the past few years and selling them on roadsides (I live in the far north and there are no cities nearby). doing this has earned me about a thousand dollars a day on average (It takes me 15 minutes to pick a 3 pint basket which I sell for 25$ to travellers) and they sell faster than I could pick them. My question is how can I take this to the next level and create a real business selling blueberries or am I just being foolish?


  • tazdacattazdacat subscriber Posts: 2
    I did not mention that I live in Canada, not that it`ll make things any easier. we have similar laws here also. as for having enough acreage, blueberries for hundreds of miles in each direction from my home. I was thinking of doing something like thiswww.wildfoods.ca/  but only on a smaller scale.
  • tazdacattazdacat subscriber Posts: 2
    The berries at Wall-mart are grown in greenhouses and are full of fertilizers and who knows what else. the two cannot be compared, even the organic ones in supermarkets are cultivated on farms unless specified wild. mine are wild and all natural and much higher in anti-oxidants and taste better(considered a power food). last summer whatever I did not sell on the roadside I would bring to the local grocery store and sell the rest there minus 2$ per basket for commission to the store. its still 23$ for 15 minutes of work. If I where to drive to the nearest city I could  get 40$-45$ for a three pint basket. the jam idea is a good one, I`ll look into that for sure.
    tazdacat2009-3-29 21:41:32
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