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Critique my new awards site, please

denisbaldwindenisbaldwin subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
After being in the awards and recognition business for many years, we`ve decided to take a big step in creating a site that is more SEO friendly, easier to use and shows thousands of awards off.Other than the "Custom Awards" section, which I`m still finishing, can I get some feedback on the rest of this site? I`d like feedback on the graphics, ease of use, design issues and anything that you think might be valuable to know. I`m looking for a critical eye and honest feedback.The site:http://www.awardsideas.comAlso, if you wouldn`t mind checking out our other sites, that`d be wonderful too.http://www.flexidisplay.comhttp://www.awarenessideas.comAny and all feedback is welcome!Thanks,Denis A. BaldwinMarketing ManagerFlexi Display Marketing[email protected]


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Feedback. Where do I begin? I think it`s well designed but it`s not to my taste. It`s a bit generic. But if I needed to buy some award products, I would visit your site with my credit card ready. The name is really generic. I`m not sure if I will remember it tomorrow ... or even a week from now. I`m quite sure that I won`t. People quickly forget the generic. Even something startling like "thanksyouoldsack.com" is better than awardsideas. How about "f**kinggrateful.com"? That would be utterly mind-catching, and while totally inappropriate, no one would ever forget your name. That concludes my comments.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Couple of quick items - remove these tags from the code:<meta name="robots" content="index,follow"><meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="INDEX, FOLLOW">They`re unnecessary, just taking up space in your code.  If you want to try to control how search engines index your site, do it in a .htaccess file, and if you just want them to spider your entire site this tag is irrelevant - they`ll do it without the directive.The meta keywords tag can go as well - it`s largely irrelevant to your ranking, and may actually hurt you, as it`s simply a copy of the content in your meta description tag.From an overall SEO standpoint, it`s something of a mess - navigation hidden behind images, javascript; images with no alt tags, limited spiderable content - if you want a sense of how your page looks to a search engine, plug in your home page address on this site.
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