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home occupancy permit blues (help)

dellecampbellsdellecampbells subscriber Posts: 11
edited January 2016 in Home-Based Businesses
 I am having a problem getting a home occupancy permit in my locality (washington, DC) for 2 reasons, I am a tenant and my Landlord is adamant about not signing my permit application ( owner authorization for property use).I am quite discouraged because I moved into the more expensive area of the metropolitan as opposed to staying in Virginia soley for the purpose of registering my business as a resident owned local business.
How can I register a business in a town where I have no office or residency, can I get a notary to do it for me? I am open to all experienced advice


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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Does your local Chamber of Commerce have any incubator offices and/or know of any "shared" offices to help start up companies establish themselves with the community?
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    RealtorNicole,First of all, I don`t know what the current laws in Washington DC are, but alot of states are not allowing small business owners to register their home/ apartment to do business out of. 1. because you are in a residential area 2. Because of the Liability that the landlords face if one of your clients where to fall in front of the building. and 3. Because of the foot traffic. And... although, most small business owners take the extra precaution to register their business, pay their taxes on time, and create new jobs for people, the government or should I say "City Officials" are getting more stricter than anything... I was in your same situation at one point, I went to my local City Registrar and tried to get a permit. They wouldn`t give me one because I was on a residential area. So what I did was I looked for a house on a business/residential area. Then I was able to register it because I had two businesses on both sides of my building and it was on a commercial area... What I would suggest doing is, find a friend that has or wants to rent you some office space, even if you don`t work there... and... register your business under her address. It`s not the best thing to do, but at least you will be doing it legally.  
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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    What I am about to write is NOT to be interperted as legal advise. Instead it is an attempt to shed some generic light on what zoning is and hopefully provide a little insight on why zoning impacts home based businesses.
    I agree with you that in some instances businesses are not permited within some residential areas.  Sometimes this is because the: local ordinances governing the zoning doesn`t allow that type of land use in that zoning area; or restrictions within a  lease, home owners association or condo association prohibit it.  
    In a nutshell, zoning is authorized by local ordinances and is upheld by state and federal court decisions.  Zoning is intended to:

    Protect the public health, safety and welfare. 
    Protect property values by establishing ordinances that promote compatible land uses within a given area.
    Protect natural resources (watersheds, wetlands, woodlands, etc.)
    Prevent overuse of land through density limitations, setbacks and lot coverage standards.
    Establish intensity and density levels which limit transportation congestion, and taxation on existing infastructures (utilities), etc.
    Since zoning can seem like a maize, it might be helpful to make an appointment to speak with the local zoning administrator to find out some basics like:

    Location and size of property
    Zoning district (Type of uses & governing ordinances)
    Proposed uses and dimensions of proposed buildings
    Unique aspects of the property (easements, wetlands, protected woodlands, etc.)
    Application process
    Appeals process
    How they make their decisions & what criteria they use to make them
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    jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Try this site, http://caldwells.com/interior-doors this is perfect resources that wuld be helpful for your concern.
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