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Is your product newly ready for Chirstmas 2007?

beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
edited December 2007 in Sales
Hi All,
I was reading another post about QVC day etc. and noticed that some of our members products are finally ready for sale etc.  Congrats to all.  Can we use this thread for those whose products are being sold for the 1st time? How great is that and what a long and wild ride for these entrepreneurs.  I know RCToys and Grillcharms both posted details about their products.  Anybody else have a website launching or products launching? (please move this topic if it should be in another area)
CONGRATS to all.  I cannot wait to hear more success stories.   That is what keeps me going thru my stressful often wild startup journey!


  • beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Congrats Kathy....I can`t wait to hear about how busy you are this Holiday season!
    I just ordered a navy signal flag for my new company.  I can`t wait to have a photo shoot on the beach with it....hanging from the pier or maybe a beach walkover that is built up on a dune. 
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
    I`ll be receiving my first shipment of my product the ANTI FANNY PACK by the end of the month.
    It will only be available on my site (www.antifannypack.com) and on ebay.  I`m looking to be in stores next year (my New Years resolution to get that done!!!)
  • ummsufyanummsufyan subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey, I`ve just launhed my ethical fashion boutique this September,after studying for a year, and trying to gather funds and applying for grants.  It`s been an uphill struggle and a mad roller coster ride, with, many, many up and downs.  I cannot say how many times in between I almost gave up and thought it`s just not worth it!!!
    So congratulations to you all, I`ve been listening to all the podcasts and reading all your articles from over hear in England, United Kingdom- I hope you guys don`t mind me butting in!
    I`ve just started to get my foot in the door, and get a few boutiques to stock my range.  I get fustrated because I`m not focussing on reaching direct customers- it takes time and sometimes I have to accept I can`t take the world on in a day.
    Do take a peep at the site, I`m happy to give you a knock your socks offer if anyones interested?
    Buy one get one free and paid postage!


    Empower through fashion trade.
  • beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Congrat to ya`ll!
    I love the Holdstalero   Great invention!
    And being a girly girl female I am totally in love with the feminine styles of ummsufyan`s apparel website.   How exciting and thanx for sharing.    
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks everyone for the great feedback!
    The HOLDSTALERO is ideal for those that fish and hunt.  It`s water resistant as well!  I`ll be launching my new website when my product is off the manufacturer`s floor.
    Very nice website and products.  Good luck with everything and keep us posted.
  • beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    i like the `save your paintbrush` idea.  I love to paint walls, really I do.  What I hate is the cleanup! Which means I am always buying new paintbrushes, which is confusing and I always forget which kind works best for me and the type of paint etc. etc.
    Happy Selling- I hope you do great    
  • OnTrayOnTray subscriber Posts: 4
    This is my first Holiday Season.  My site is www,ontray2go.com.
  • beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Howdy Laura;
    Glad to see you here!  I have twins and I have 2 of your products.  1 pink 1 blue.  They are 3 yrs old now, but whenever they will sit in a regular shopping buggy, I pop it on.  it gives me at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet. 
    plus they drag the dang thing around the house and put treasures in it.  I bet you didn`t know it was a toy also? hmmmm.   Everything is a toy to monkey... errr I mean twins. 
    I hope your Christmas selling season goes well.   I have met a lot of nice innovative people thru this thread.   
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