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Drop Ship Vendor Wanted/Welcome!

DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hello All!
Back in the Spring I got motivated after reading Start Up Nation and other similar books. I created a website, targeted a market came up with a game plan and business plan and a back up plan...and went to work.
Unfortuantely, like all entrepeneurs, I hit a few bumps on the way. One not-so-minor bump was losing my Drop Ship vendor for general merchandise...therefore forcing me to move about my ideas.
I`ve taken some time off to re-think my strategies and get interested again. Like most entrepeneurs, I plan for January to be my `Get Fired Up` month and take another stab at it.
If you are an importer, manufacturer or wholesaler looking for distribution, I am looking for new and interesting Drop Ship vendors. I`m not too particular about `Product Genre` anymore as I plan to re-tool my website, but I do not want to carry any inventory. I am looking to have orders Drop Ship from your facility as ordered.
My website, which truly needs some repair, is www.DefMall.com</A>
I think it`s unfair to the viewing public to have to read through multiple back-and-forth conversations between us, so why not send a PM or e-mail me at def_mall_owner @hotmail.com?
(Of course, questions that you think might appeal to the `public` can certainly be posted here and I`ll answer them as fast as I can!)
Best Holiday Wishes in Advance!


  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    And you think you can make money from your website?There`re a few drop ship vendors that will put your business name on a sophisticated web site customized with your business name and graphics.  Their web sites are much more elaborate than yours, with shopping cart capability.Caveat emptor: I don`t know whether any of their affiliates make any money.  People prefer to deal with well-known entities on internet, and then some.Personally I have purchased only books and CDs from Amazon.com.Oh yea.  You can be Amazon`s drop ship vendor!  They take orders and take a cut from your fulfilling the orders.
  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    << And you think you can make money from your website?>>
    I`ve made money on every busin ss I`ve ever started. This website included. Thanks for asking.
    I`ve also sold products thru Drop Ship vendors for over 10 years. I know HOW to do it...I was asking if there was anyone HERE who is looking to provide their products on a Drop Ship basis.
    ...but thanks for the information.
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