Will this blog hurt me?

deeze6deeze6 subscriber Posts: 1
I am thinking about starting a blog about my journey in starting a new computer consulting business.
However, as I meet prospective clients one of the first questions they
ask is how long my company has been in business. Initially I would tell
the truth and say I`m just starting out, in which case the client would
turn me down immediately (no one wants to take a chance with a
startup). So then I started to stretch the truth a little and say its
been in business two years now, in which case I have been more
successful getting projects.
My question is, if I write a blog about starting a new business will it
end up hurting me when clients google my name and find my "startup
business" blog?
Also I was considering blogging anonymously but it kind of defeats the
purpose of me even having a blog - which is to build a personal brand
and attract more business.
What are your thoughts?


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    It might be a valid concern. To understand its` impact you need to know what your target market thinks about it. If it (a start up) is a concern to them, then it is something for which you need to have a response.
    My guess is this (start-up/new business) will be a concern and/or a question regardless if you have a blog or not.
    You need to communicate why people should be in business with you... what are your selling points - that offset a long-term business (competitor).  Do you have other experience (working for others) that boosts your experience level in the eyes of a potential client? Specific knowledge, education, specialty?
  • DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    (no one wants to take a chance with a startup).
    Not true, Nick. Consumers take chances with startup businesses every single day. The only thing that matters is your competence. If you present yourself and your service in a professional manner, people will give you a chance.
    Granted, it`s a little more difficult when you don`t have a track record that you can point to. But there are ways of getting around that. For example, you can offer your consulting services for free in exchange for testimonials.  Don`t underestimate the power of legitimate testimonials.         
    Once you have a few testimonials under your belt, you`ll be off and running!
    David Jackson
    DavidJackson8/18/2009 1:33 PM
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