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The truth

blessedmeblessedme subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hey All you smart brains!
My name is Maria.G , I have 7online shops with the POD company zazzle, but no money to advertise yes dats the truth I need yr help to guide me how to promote my business I have amazing sales but they are irrational a few weeks r good and then no sales in any of my shops for  a few weeks no stability I am tired of surfiuing for traffic cuz I also have to maintain my shops I NEED SOME HELP aLL SMART BRAINS WELCOME
here u can see my shopsblessedme10/9/2008 3:38 AM


  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Just do your best to blog, join networks, and participate in the social networks - my preferences are a few other Network sitea at present - I started here at Sun but have gone on to develop relationships in other waters... its all good and great.. but all I do is blog, put the word out and help others when i can... and its great ...  
    Driving traffic to you site could happen if your site or sites were up the SEO chain ... how are your google apps or movement up the search engines progressing - more keyword introduction into your html - mainly tricks - and perhaps not that brainy but I only have 1 site and a sub-domain ... and advertising the sub-domain is something I am not ready for yet ... but i will do all the above at some point myself ... and I answer a lot of personal emails from my networks ... a lot of them... Best,jennie jennielou10/9/2008 4:15 AM
  • blessedmeblessedme subscriber Posts: 1
    ok yup I have started that! Hope it works
  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Sorry that my reply was not the correct one - Organic SEO is where the human does all the work in the process of blogging, and getting some bit of movement up the search engine, content is king also - that is what the search engine and spiders and bots read is the content - too much flash and they cant see or read it...  and some meta tag discriptors on each web page, and of course the blogging and putting yourself out on a lot of network sites  - I hate to think how many I have joined or the replies that I have answered and it does pay off and I refer people to other sites or tell them about competitors -- since july I have created at least 800+ references for my website on google alone and now the number of 1,330 search references - most by me and then others begin to search ... I leave my site open all the time and I am not afraid to do so... 
    http://getsmartmoodle.org - is an educational resource and capable of supporting 50,000 end-users if hosted properly - and I have not yet finished developing my moodle but I am already getting noticed and having to say I am not ready yet ... so I guess that I am not really that smart - but will be installing a video web conferencing application in during this week coming and a few other educational modules such a LAMS or perhaps even Claroline.. not decided that yet...  again diversity is great but I only have one site that can be divided at least 50,000 ways .. not that it will do that but that it has the potential .. sorry if not help ... i pray a lot and network like crazy meeting others and putting their links on my site when I think its appropriate... or I just like the link... Best, Jennie jennielou10/9/2008 4:31 AM
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