Relocating to Angel Investor Hotbeds. Worth it?



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    It`s not what a question of whether I would give up control - because it`s your business. However, the question of control is often a sticking point in negotiations with equity investors and potential partners.
    I do not have enough information to determine the valuation of your business, so I can`t comment on what portion of equity would be exchanged for $25,000.
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    It is Robert isn`t it?
    Feel free to call me Doug if you like.
    Yes, that would be a point of negotiation. Myself I would be offering a large return on that initial investment. But it would of course have alot to do with what someone else could "bring to the table"
    I play on making this a whole new industry not just a single product.
    To the orig. poster, sorry I didn`t intent to hijack the thread.
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    You are correct -My name is Robert.
    Finding a partner with the "right" skills who shares your passion and is committed to the project can be difficult. Finding one with all the above plus the financial resources and willingness to invest them is a tall order.
    You may have better results - dealing with them as separate "needs".
    Send me a PM if you want to discuss specifics.
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    LOL, no problem. It happens.
    You might want to start your own thread under one of the funding topics and you might get some more eyeballs on your projects from people interested in funding projects.
  • DougsterDougster subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks and please enjoy your weekend.
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