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Need help in assessing website and business opportunity

fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2006 in Website Critique
I would be most thankful if anyone would take a look at my site, in particular the business opportunity and let me know how it sounds.  My company gives us the choice to use their templates or to create our own and I can`t decide.  Also, I want to make sure that the business opportunity seems possible and not fly-by-night....the addy is www.fiercebizgirl.myarbonne.com</A>
Thanks a million!


  • BardStuffBardStuff subscriber Posts: 7
    The site is actually quite good.  It`s got all the hallmarks of a professional design - proper navigation, good branding, nice implementation of product catalog and online purchasing, etc...  If anything, for me personally, I might it a little too dense with product info.  I like something in a bigger font with a little more pizzazz.  My experience tells me that people don`t like to read a great deal of text on their pages.Couple of thoughts -- There`s a person`s name, I assume it`s yours, in the left corner.  But it doesn`t click to anything.  If this is your personal site I`d like to see something about you.  Right now it looks like an exact copy of any other Arbonne site.  Also, guest books are old fashioned.  I`d ditch that.  Get testimonials from customers all you want after the fact and put those up, but I don`t see any value in the guest book.  Nobody cares who was there before them, especially if they have nothing to say other than "Hi, love your site."Lastly, is the site focused on selling the product, or on getting the reader to become a consultant?  It`s hard to tell.  Your main nav has "products", "shop online" and "specials", but also "amazing opportunity" right in the middle of the mix.  And all the stuff down the right hand side - Start Now, Sizzle Now - seems to be more about joining the company than selling the product.  I realize that both sides of the equation are important to the business model, but I think you might be better off focusing on one or the other a little more strongly.  Otherwise you`re wasting screen space preaching to an audience that`s not interested in half of what you`re saying.D
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    This is actually Arbonne`s template that changes monthly.  I don`t have the option of removing the guest book (hate it) or sizzle, etc. 
    I appreciate your honesty.  My personal goal is to let the products sell themselves.  The company obviously wants people to become consultants to get the discount which makes sense.  I don`t go overboard with hyping the site but  at the same site, I would like to let my clients order directly from my site.
    Thanks a bunch..
  • bfleming98bfleming98 subscriber Posts: 0
    I would use the template they give you.  If the program ends up working out for you, then maybe get your own site.  Only thing I didn`t see is a way to get people`s email address to follow up with them, but I`d assume this company has put a lot of work into building the site.
    I`d focus more on the products and not worry so much about the site at this point.
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks everyone for the comments!  It is good to have varying thoughts. 
  • NateNate subscriber Posts: 0
    How familiar are you with MLM`s?  From what I can gather this business opportunity has the same format as most MLM businesses.  You build your business by selling products to others, but where the real opportunity to create residual income is by helping others become consultants and build a successful business.  I was in a MLM for 3 years and didn`t make a dime!  What I can tell you though is that the education and experience I received from it was much more valuable than 5 years of a college education!  To me if you are going to get involved in a business you must check the legality. If they are asking for a lot of $$$ to get this business started be very skeptical! There are way to many scams out there not to take this important step.  You also need to take a look at the training and support program involved.  If you are very satisfied with these answers than check out the product line and see if you would be comfortable selling this to your friends, family and complete strangers, which can be a very hard and uncomfortable thing to do.
    Hope this helps!
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    They require zero investment except if you want to try the products yourself.  They are listed with the DSA which has strict guidelines for companies and have a great "company" support system.  I am pleased with the company, amazed by the products and excited by their continuing training and support.  You are right with respect to making real money when you have others on your team...1% of 100 people`s efforts vs. 100% of your own effort.  It is still great to get feedback on it from people who are not afraid to be honest!
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