Business Building in May

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Hi all:
I am looking to make may my hugest month ever...I need inexpensive marketing tips and creative team-building ideas...Does anybody know anyone who might benefit from pure, safe and beneficial skincare products?  I am willing to give product gifts for referrals...Thanks so much and make it a beautiful day!


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    Inexpensive Marketing Tip:
    Start a blog it won`t cost you anything.  This place is great for them:</A>
    After you build a good readership you can start promoting your business.
    - Bryan
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    Thanks!  I appreciate it...
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    How far along are you?Do you have things like flyers and logos printed up already?  If so, that`ll be a big help in figuring out your brand, which is Step Two.  Your first step is to figure out who your target demographic is and who you can easily reach.
    II`m not sure if you`re a fan of writing things out in a plan and most people aren`t, but all you have to is write out who you plan to sell to and how you can reach them.  If you`re just selling in your local town or city, then you already know the location.  But the most important task, whether you`re selling online or offline, is to get a feel for the terrain?
    - Is anyone else selling beauty or health products in your area?
    - How are they advertising?
    - Should I hire like-minded people to help me sell and spread the word?
    If you`re selling beauty products for a larger company like AVON, they should also be able to give you a big help in marketing.  If you`re not making the products and the company who is doesn`t give you any support, you may be selling for the wrong people.
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    Before you give away product try loaning sets out. Our team has had great success with this. Your clients want to feel sure that they are purchasing a quality product especially for the price.
    From your pure safe beneficial reference I`m sure we are selling the same products. REsults are what you want and clients seeing REsults with there own eyes in just a couple of days will definately do the trick.
    Take advantage of the perks from your orders and use this product for promotion not to sell. You`ll make your money back in no time.
    Have you called or had a mailer for the 100 people you listed in the Startup workbook? It`s an excellant place to start.
    Good luck!
    Have a successful day!
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