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Network Marketing...Good or Bad

fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2006 in Marketing
Just curious if anyone has opinions one way or the other on network marketing?  I have been involved in this business for about 4 months now and I am having some difficulty with it.  Although I have a supportive sponsor, our upline has forgotten about us.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a better go of this?


  • SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3
    >Hello Fiercebizgirl,
    >If you don`t mind I would like to tell you a little bit about
    >networking. This is from my experience with one of the search
    >engines. Beware of Pay Per Click it could run into allot of
    >money. This past week-end I spent 1,000 on pay per click
    >I had 18,000 impressions, and about 10 clicks. Not one
    >customer bought anything from my site. All they inquiry about
    >if I could mail them a catalog. That is my experience with pay
    >per click. Now on the other end I am getting free advertising
    >and getting paid to advertise for them. That is Google Ad-
    >Sense program. It is the opposite of pay per click. Google
    >pay`s you whenever someone clicks on their link, or banner.
    >That is something to look into, especially if your on a tight

  • ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Network marketing is not a quick and easy way to make a living. It takes extremely hard work, lots of No`s, and persistance to pay off. On top of that you have to get over people`s stigma that network marketing = pyramid schemes.I`ve done a variety over the years and learned a lot from it but will never give up my current  business (brick/mortar product/service based currently) for any network marketing program. Can you succeed? Absolutely, but you will definately have to work for it. If your upline isn`t supporting you like it should then I would call corporate and ask for help that way.~Allen
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info, guys!
  • tclaibornetclaiborne subscriber Posts: 1
    I would agree....network marketing or MLM as it is often called is very hard, but can be very rewarding. Alot of people will not like to deal with you..however almost all very successful people that I have talked too have good things to say about them....however some are scams...do your research
  • If you`re in a company with a comitment to bettering the lives of people (especially customers), that is the best place to be.  Companies who are out to make a quick buck will make your network marketing experience difficult.
    Keep making relationships your number one goal, instead of selling to people.  Go for it!
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    Rock on Burnin`!  I love that kind of enthusiasm...thanks so much!
  • SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3

    Hello Fiercebizgirl,
    Networking? I have not heard of yet people that made it.
    That they have grown with the company and make networking
    their sole primary business. Boy have I tried, selling shopping malls,
    I went with that hook line and sinker! Stayed with them for 2 years.
    When my name came up to be paid for all the referrals I
    made being part of the co-op sytsem. I was one of there "members". They
    truly told me its going to take a years time to see any "money". When I
    saw my name was in first place. The company changed names. The idea I
    gave them about autoresponder. That was done I never got the credit
    that is when I realized afeter doing my research (which I should of
    done first ) I tried several times afterwards. That is when I decided
    there is no easy way. If you want too suceed and blame no one for your
    mistake`s That is when I decided to go to school and learn. Opening my
    online business was the best thing for me. Fiercebizgirl, on the other
    side if you have the personnality and the get up an go and have done
    your research.
    Has your sponsor showed you anything in black & white, like the
    most money she ever made? How long has your sponsor has been with the
    company? If you like the answers you heard then go for it! If you feel
    a little pull in your gut. Don`t go for it!
    Always trust your instinct. Once you have learned that then your well
    on your way. We can only give you are experience`s it is up to you to
    weigh them out.

  • That`s great advice Mike.
    And I want to also note that in any sort of self made/homebased business AND in life in general, you get out of it what you put in.  Having a plan with goals is so valuable and out of the ordinary.
    There are so many non-business savvy people, and not successful-life savvy as well (if that makes sense).  People see what someone else may have with envy, but are not willing to do what it takes to get to that level.  Some people are just lazy!  Or ignorant.  But, ignorance on a small scale is similar to laziness.
    I know you don`t have a dead horse company!  You can do it - work it girl!
  • fiercebizgirlfiercebizgirl subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks for the upbeat comments!  You rock...
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