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How much would YOU pay?

DeaneasyDeaneasy subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2007 in Marketing
Hello, my name is Joshua D. Gray. The intention of this
letter is to seek out companies interested in a service allowing them to
passively gather pertinent information from consumers.
I plan to launch a company from Seattle, WA specifically for
this task. Consumers will fill out your surveys in compensation for products my
company gives them. Should you be interested, these surveys will contain
questions of your choosing and will immediately be submitted to you once
In payment my company would ask for a fixed commission rate
per survey. At this time, I am simply looking for companies that may have an
interest and can give ballpark figures for commission rates I can enter into
the financial stage of my business plan. Once a fair rate is established among responding
companies, I plan to charge all future clients this set rate. By being one of
the initial companies to respond, you have a direct influence on what our set
rate will be, and may indirectly set a bar for future companies.
Keeping your satisfaction in mind, I feel most companies can
benefit from my company’s service. My platform is designed to grab the consumers’
undivided attention, and more importantly, get constructive feedback based on
questions tailored to a specific business. As a successful and reliable survey
distributor, my company can give your business answers you deem vital to your
success, allowing you to further profit from understanding your customers.
If you are interested in receiving direct information from
consumers, via surveys my company distributes for a commission based fee, what
do you feel an appropriate rate per survey?
Forgive me for not handing
out the specifics of my business at this time, but I can create a platform
that’s more reliable than other survey distributors by overcoming the lack of
incentives consumers are usually face with when asked to participate in surveys;
a system that can disseminate surveys quickly and accurately to either a very
broad or narrow demographic group of people, depending on the nature of your
business and your targeted consumer. Above all, a system that is honest,
respected and fair.
I am at an early stage of development and value all input. I
would like to know more about what your company would consider a reasonable
commission rate - how much is a survey of say 10 questions of your choosing
worth to your business? I strive for fair compensation for all parties and look
forward to your response.  
I appreciate your time. Due to the initial stage of this business,
I do not have an official business email address yet and ask responses sent to deaneasy@gmail.com for now. I am very
anxious to finish my business plan, and when I do, I will send all interested companies
and organizations a detailed and complete business proposal.
With Respect,
Joshua D. Gray
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