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Hello to all, well here’s what I have in mind...

dcbigstack99dcbigstack99 subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hello everyone!I`m here to introduce myself.  For now, you can just call me DC and from there we`ll work on a first name basis (not because I`m condescending but because I want to keep safe).I have friends and also know of people who run businesses in the comic book trade, video game trade, and the japanime trade.  Each business is doing well and thriving and they love what they do.  I`ve been doing research into the video game trade and especially after talking to the owner of a local video game store in my area, he got his gig first selling stuff from his collection on Ebay and then making so much money that he went on to establish a store that has been in business for 8 years now. This is my wish and my dream.  So far, I could say that I`m following that same path of Ebay selling.  Although I haven`t sold a lot of games on Ebay, I have sold a lot of other merchandise in the past (including musical instruments, electronic components, art, and computer parts to name a few) and have been very lucrative at it.  I love people, and I love interacting with people especially when it comes to talking about something that interests the both of us or the group of us. I have experience in customer service and I`m good at knowing what the customer wants. I feel this would be a great future for me but I also feel that the hardest part of running such a business would be the startup.Both owners of the game store and the japanime store have what they consider the best location because they are situated within a network of commercial game/media sellers who have a tendency to turn their customers attention to these places and these locations are easy access.I do have an outline of goals and a plan for my business... where to go from here?Thank you all in advance for your responses.Regards,DC
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