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How To Set up A limo & car rental business

dappadappa subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2006 in Business Planning
i have recently recieved a huge sum of money to set up my own business. I am really interested in the limo & car rental business but know very little about how to set 1 up. Can you please give some advice.
Thank You


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    It doesn`t sound as if you have any experience in the field you want to open a business in. I would suggest going to work for the BEST - the #1 - company in this business in your city or country (it appears you are in the UK). You have two choices when going to work for future competition - tell them what you`re planning to do or not - this is your choice.
    I don`t see any other way for you to learn the business and be successful. Unless you have enough funding to purchase a successful, ongoing firm - which is not a bad choice either.
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    ThapreelAlamThapreelAlam subscriber Posts: 8 Member


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