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Customer Service

besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
I am continuously looking for ways to improve on my business practices and so I am often adding what ever I think would enhance the service. I would like to have an answering service to take calls from my clients. Has anyone here used those services?What has been your experience?What company would you recommend?


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    susiefensusiefen subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, BestHealth.
    Have you considered using a toll free service? Depending on the service, you can record info about the services you offer, and prospects can either be forwarded directly to you or they can leave a message.
    With the system I use, I capture the telephone number for every person that calls, and I can set up different extensions to describe different services that I offer.
    If you want to check it out, go to www.updesk.com. The site describes it as a system for real estate agents, but it can actually be used by any small business.
    Best of luck!
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Great information Susiefen. I will check it out............
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    beastbeast subscriber Posts: 0
    I hope that somene who is a venturcapitalist is reading it. I`m located in the Caribbean, in Belize City. I am looking to open up a business in my country and its very hard. Our standard of living is very poor and its becoming more poor by the days. Im getting my associated in Business Administration next month but im not working yet and i have a 10 year goal that should start this year but the jobs in Belize a rare. So i need someone who is willing to partner up with that has the money that can help with starting up the business in Belize City. I am 20 years old. I already have the start up ideas and planns i need hel with the capital offering 30% into the business if i can get any assistant plese reply. I am doing this for my community to provide jobs for the jobless and for a better stadard of living and to start and finish my futher goal please and thank you.  the business i want to open is a resort please assist me thank you. if u want to call i have a number it is 501-202-4106.
    beast4/8/2008 2:03 PM
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    susiefensusiefen subscriber Posts: 1
    Glad to be of assistance!
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    LaszloLaszlo subscriber Posts: 2
    Customer Service is the most important in business. your local phone company can get you right up and running with adding a mailbox extension off your regular business line.
    When people call they receive and voice mail directing them to different departments. Just add and extra box saying FOR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PRESS 4 and when someone leaves a feedback FOLLOW UP WITHIN 24HRS. It should be just a few dollars a month
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