Getting my feet wet but need your advice!

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Hi everyone! My name is David and I`m a new member. I`ve just handed in my resignation letter yesterday and am looking forward to freelancing full time once I serve my one month`s notice. The prospect is exciting for me but I`ve got a ball of butterflies in my stomach all the same. Would appreciate your thoughts on these questions:1) My main goal is to see how viable my business idea (online marketing and new media consulting) is and how well-suited I am to being my own boss. I`ve decided to give myself 2 months to see how it pans out. If it doesn`t I`ll look for a full-time job again Is 2 months enough to learn significantly about running my own business? What should I do to make the most out of these 2 months?2) One thing I`m worried about is managing money/book-keeping, mostly so I can keep track of how much revenue I`ve managed to generate in the 2 months. Any tips on book-keeping and managing cash flow?Thanks guys!


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    Hi nikole, thanks for your advice. Perhaps I should clarify my goals. I basically want to get a taste of entrepreneurship in this 2 months. Call it practical research. I admire your "all or nothing" attitude but with hardly any experience, I just don`t think its a good idea for me to jump in with both feet.I`ve had a look at your website and I think NHG is what I aspire my venture to be hopefully. Since you`re in the industry I`m trying to join, I wanted to ask you how I should split my time. What do you think of this schedule:Monday: Business Development & MarketingTuesday: Meetings & consultations Wednesday: Designing & Coding Thursday: Designing & Coding Friday: Learning Thanks again for the advice. Cheers!
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    I agree - don`t give up after 2 months.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Clearly I need a bit more planning before jumping into full-time entrepreneurship. I`ll be sure to get advice from all the SuN experts. Cheers!
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    Instead of 2 months, try 2 years to see if you got what it takes.
    Remember, most over night successes take about 15 to 20 years.
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