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Is this any way to run a company?

DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
edited June 2006 in Marketing
In perhaps the biggest indicator of how blogging has changed business, a company`s internal problems between senior employees has boiled over into the much more public blogosphere.Jason Miller from WebProNews covers the issue fairly well here.This is definitely an issue that most of the people here would find interesting.  Is it right to complain about another founder of your firm on your private blog?   Should disagreements be aired out in hopes of outside validation or discussion?  Can blogging help attract potential investors, customers, or equity?Sam Wyman`s personal blog can be found here.Personally, I think most of the people here can take heart that they`d never let things degrade so far as to drag complete strangers into it or be tempted to go on a mini-vacation while they`re the CEO of a company in crisis.  But it can still happen to anyone.  Free speech guarantees as much, despite non-disclosure agreements.  At the least, it`s a good cautionary tale of how getting along can solve serious problems in a company.


  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    Your submission covers several points verywell, but I am interested in giving my thoughtsabout the `Blogs.` They are another *soft*internet creation that is trying to push theenvelope. Funny, they strive to open doorsof communication, however, it appears tome that a few are noted as exceptions and notthe rule. In reality - less communication - unlessthe blog makes the media headlines its not `there.`
    Blogs are wonderful if you (not the submissionguy above) believe in Internet hypeand the goal of free web communication.
    I accept that people don`t agree with me(see my score) but I do NOT agree withthe large numbers of Blog community!
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    I have a few thoughts...First, the idea of having an agreement where just a couple shareholders can hold up the entire train seems like a major flub.  Proves you gotta dot your i`s and cross your t`s.Also, I don`t think I`d ever put money into a company based on the public airing of an internal disagreement that, although his points are valid, feels a touch like high school.The blogosphere is a double-edged sword... and I blog myself occaisionally (but try to keep it focused).  It can boost you very quickly, or tear you down (or the writer if you make yourself look like an idiot).  But really, what is the value of either in my humble opinion is not determined yet because it`s so new.. but like all expression, some is great (43 folders is one I enjoy), and so much is worthless navelgazing (i.e. I don`t care you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch).  I tend to take it for what it is and view it all with a grain of salt, and try to evaluate a blog if I run across it on it`s individual merits, just like the media, web sites, and other things in my day.  To be honest, it takes alot for a blog to make it into my daily short list to check - it has to be timely, concise, pertinent, and / or fun and interesting to me specifically. I guess my thought is... the jury is still out.  But I personally give it no priority over the 80,000 other messages I get bombarded with every day.
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