Things Not To Do While Starting A New Business

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Hey myself kanakdeep I am working at www.aykya.comHere are few dont`s for starting a new businessStarting out on your own is indeed a risky business - most of the time
you are not sure that you are doing the smart thing. To help you on
your way, here is a list of things that you should avoid while starting
a new business.wanna know more visit ... _to_do.asp


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    "Not making time or effort - There is no quick road to
    success - it takes long hours, strategic planning and commitment. It
    takes a huge amount of time and effort to start a business and run it,
    particularly in the early stages. Be sure that you have what it takes
    to last the long haul. "this is very important for me, I know myself that it takes a while to get my type of business of the ground, but everyone in my family is already counting the trillions they expect it to generate, and are constantly calling it a failure because its not there yet.
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    True to every single word said.  Jumping into a business without proper guidance could spell a disaster.
    Its just like taking your final year exams without attending school. Never enter into businesses which are alien to you without firstly, doing your homework thoroughly.  Saifudin2007-4-23 16:46:9
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    Ignoring the internet - Totally agree! But when everyone is focus on online business, it should also not to ignoring the offline marketing skill~
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    First thing not to do.... take advice from a message board  
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