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Hello 2 All/

AndresAndres subscriber Posts: 1
Hello Everyone,
My name is Andy Escanuela and like many others I happened to stumble onto this website and I cannot get to a point where I stop reading.  I am a huge fan of the Big Idea and I love hearing everyone else`s successes or how they plan to start their own business.  I have had several ideas that I would like to start researching even more but cannot seem to determine which is the best way to go.  I like the following concepts:
1)  Indoor soccer Facility
2)  Sports themed Barber Shop
3)  Caribbean restaurant/bar
4)  Automotive Customization (more of a hobby)
I have not done enough research to determine which of these businesses is most profitable so was hoping anyone that has done this or is looking to do this to provide a bit of insight.  I am currently a Configuration manager that has worked in the Human Resources Information Systems arena for about 11 years.  I want to get out of the corporate life and run with a dream I have had for the longest time.  The main thing that is stopping me is fear of moving out of my comfort zone/stability.  I know you will never be successful unless you try.  But I cannot seem to move to that next step where I actually "walk the walk".  I have simply been "talking" I think it is time for me to have the courage and take a "RISK".  But before I do, I am hoping to learn from those of you who "have been there/done that".  If you could provide some insight I would greatly appreciate it.


  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    if you had to pick one of the four as THE ONE you`re most passionate about and get the biggest kick out of, which would it be?
    i`d take your answer and pour all of your energy into that one.
    so what`s the answer?
  • AndresAndres subscriber Posts: 1
    You are right Craig.  The "customization " is my thing.  I like modifying cars/suvs to go faster look, sound better.  I just do not know how successful this type of company would be.  There is one place that I know of close to the area which seems to be doing good.  They were very smart about their location by putting next to a freeway where all of the car dealerships are.  It seems buyers go here after they purchase their cars to buy bigger wheels/tires, put a new sound system, tinting the windows, adding a 4 x 4 package, you name it.  You always see these kinds of shops on TV.  Pimp my ride, unique autosports, GAS - Galpin Auto sports, West Coast Customs, etc.  This would be my dream.  I just do not know how profitable it would be.  If I ask myself what holds me back, the main question I always ask myself is where do I get the financing to start soemthing up like this?  Any ideas on where to go for help on financing, grants, or pointers on writing business plans.
    Thanks for commenting...
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    i highly recommend that you do some field research. not the TV type, but more the visit-several-cities type.
    find a few shining examples of businesses you`d like to emulate, or better said, "copy." as long as the ones you learn about and learn from are not in a competitive geography, i think you`ve got a great chance to tap those entrepreneurs for advice and mentorship as you go through the research, planning and hopefully operation of your business.
    you can also do research online. have you googled for customized auto forums? i typed that phrase in and found a great listing for a forum called "motoraddicts.com". they have clubs, groups, etc. somewhere in there are enthusiasts just like you who may have experience you can learn from.
  • AndresAndres subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the tips Rich.  I will definitely have to do that.  I think that will be the only way is by talking with folks that have done this outside of my geographic area.
    Thanks again.
  • AndresAndres subscriber Posts: 1
    This is definitely something similar to what I would like to do.
    Thanks a lot!
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