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The Essentialness of Online Marketing Fundamentals

DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
edited May 2010 in Marketing
If you're a sports fan like I am and watch sports on tv, you've probably heard certain athletes being described as "fundamentally" sound.For example, Tiger Woods is always described as being fundamentally sound. That means the follow-through on his picture-perfect golf swing is always the same, and when he putts the ball he always keeps his head perfectly still, is in perfect alignment and makes solid contact with his putter. Those are some of the fundamentals of playing golf.His amazing god-given talent notwithstanding, Woods greatness is tied directly to his spectacular consistency. He's consistent because he's not only mastered the fundamentals of golf, he consistently applies those fundamentals. That's one of the reasons, he's arguably the greatest golfer of all time. Continue reading The Essentialness of Online Marketing Fundamentals.
David Jackson
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