Avoiding the New Website Spam Blitz

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I just received an interesting e-mail from one of my blog subscribers. Here`s what the e-mail said:
"David, I just put my brand new website online, and I`m already being besieged by spammers. How did they find out about my website so quickly?"
Here`s what I told my subscriber:
"Professional spammers scour the Internet, looking for new domain registrations. Here`s how to counter their activities: After registering a new domain, wait a few weeks before putting your website online.
Is this techique 100% foolproof? No, but I can tell you from personal experience, it will drastically reduce the amount of spam your new website receives.
Sure, the spammers will catch up with you eventually. After all, they`re relentless. But at least you`ll buy yourself a little time before they do."
David Jackson
DavidJackson4/7/2009 2:47 PM
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