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I heard about Yanik Silver and here on SuN - he was one of the top-100 winners. I was interested in what he has to say about sales (especially sales letters). I signed up for his news letter and have read through some of his brochures and several of the emails sent by his site.
My question is - has anyone purchased his sales letter package? If so what did you think? I am hesitant because the flavor / tone of the emails that have been sent up to date. No disrespect to Yanik - obviously he knows how to market which is why I went to his site in the first place - I am cautious about the type of claims he makes and would like to hear from anyone who has purchased his products.


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    Hi David,
    I just got an online alert sent to me about this post and wanted to respond...
    I`ve purchased pretty much EVERY product Yanik has created since he`s been online (up to and including his $15,000 training program) - and I`ve been to practically every live training event he`s ever offered, and continue to buy his products and newsletter to this day.  The only reason I keep spending $$ with Yanik (who I`m now fortunate enough to call a good friend) because his materials flat out work and bring back many multiples of what I invested.   Yanik is pretty much my #1 source of marketing (esp. Internet marketing) strategy and ideas around - I`ve unsubscribed from virtually every other list and seminar out there...they simply add to the clutter instead of cutting through the noise.
    And specifically his sales letter package that you asked rocks.  In fact, I`ve had a lot of my copywriting and sales letter success in the last five years by studying Yanik`s copy materials (which are the gold standard) along with Dan Kennedy`s strategies.  And let`s be honest - for $50 - the templates are a no-brainer business investment.
    Hope that answers your questions/concerns!
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    Yes, there was a typo in the original poster`s message - it`s (singular, not plural). chriszavadowski12/29/2007 10:55 AM
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