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I never knew it would be so hard to come up with a good business idea, but if it was easy I guess everyone would have own business. Here is where your help come in. I was thinking about some international business, buying here and sealing it in Europe, Poland to be exact. Before I go international I would like to own something that is profitable here in the states. I was thinking about retail but, who do I contact for large quantities of supplies.  
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    So, what would be the best way to pick an idea and make it in to reality, I have many ideas such as, recycling plastic and making it in to granulates, or making paper bags, but all that requires a large sum of money for equipment. What could be something simple to start with and expend with time?
    adriankru12/19/2008 6:42 AM
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    What about eBay selling, is it still a good place to start from, or because so many people do it it’s not profitable? What do you guys think.
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