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Help With Dreamweaver CS3 Template

DGoodinDGoodin subscriber Posts: 6
I`ve managed to get my site most of the way done, and I`ve used Dreamweaver CS3, and created the site from a template.
My problem is this... I can`t get the document title to change from "Untitled Document". I`m very new to the program, but I can`t figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...DGoodin2007-9-17 18:48:3


  • john146john146 subscriber Posts: 0
    There are two possible ways (at least). At the top of the window, there`s a
    text box labeled "title" that says "Untitled Document". You can change that.
    Alternatively, if you choose the split view or code view, at the top you`ll see
    a section in the head (probably just before the </head> tag) that says
    "<title>Untitled Document</title>". You can change that "Untitled
    Document" text to whatever title you want.
  • DGoodinDGoodin subscriber Posts: 6
    I`ve tried both of those, but that part of the page and code seem to be in a non editable area?... I created a template and only certain parts are editable.
    I`ve highlighted the code in the head section and tried to make it editable, but to no avail.
    When I try to change the document title, it allows me to type the new name in, but won`t save it (save is greyed out when I go to file, and try to save).
    Ok, I went back and changed the title in the template, and it saved, but I want to titile each page individually.
    I`ll probably have to fool around with the editable areas in the template... can anyone confirm?
    *EDIT 2*
    Ok... so I`m a moron. What I actually created was not a template... it was a sample page that I thought was a template.
    Back to the drawing board after a month of sweating over this...
     DGoodin2007-9-18 2:26:8
  • DGoodinDGoodin subscriber Posts: 6
    New template has been created, all pages, links, and graphics transfered to new pages with editable titles.
    Site will be live tomorrow for whomever would like to take a look at it in the critique forum. I`ll post the link there when I`m live.
    Thanks for the support...
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