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I have a DBA with a state tax id & business license under the same name. I also have a website where I`m selling products. The DBA and the website are not the same name. I don`t  want  the names to be the same because the website name says what I`m selling. I also plan to  build another site before  August selling something else with another name.  Is  a DBA the right thing for me?  I`m just a Sole Prop setup with only one employee-Just ME. This isn`t my only job either; I also work a Full time (50-60 hrs a wk).


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    Thanks for the input. Originally my plan was to make my current DBA the parent company & then operate multiple micro businesses or websites under the parent company. I guess I`ve wasted money and time by creating a DBA that should`ve been something else.  
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    I consulted with two different accountants. One said I should form a "S-Corp" and the other said I should just do it as a Sole Prop.  I also asked an attorney and he suggested a LLC, but he said I should talk to an accountant and that was when I talked to the two different accountants. So now I have a DBA which should`ve been something else. I looked at my state goverment website and I saw that a LLC has a $200 yearly fee and a S-Corp has a $20 fee; but either way, I need what`s best for me in the long run. Boy! Am I confused now...
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    Did you get it figured out?  I have an S-corp that has me and my husband as officers.  My husband has a separate LLC for another business which he is the only officer.  Check out the logistics and protections offered by them all and decide what will work best for your situation.
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    Yep, I did a LLC mainly for legal issues. Because of what I`m selling. I finally got all of my paperwork straightened out last week.  I should be good to go now.  Thanks everyone.
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