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The Chick Edwards Effect

dnparkerdnparker subscriber Posts: 9 Member
edited October 2008 in Public Relations
Small business owner and developer Chick Edwards has been introduced to new media in the worst way possible.  Now all guesses have it that his local business will continue to suffer as he has more than likely permanently scarred his Google Search Results Pages (SRPs) with this folly.  Read more about how this man has virtually destroyed his online reputation.

Chick Edwards article from SmallBusinessSEM.com

"It is foolish to belittle a neighbor; a person with good sense remains silent."
Proverbs 11:12

dnparker10/21/2008 9:15 AM


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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks for sharing this Darryl. It`s amazing how it so easy to get lots of negative press with just one comment!
    On another note, you may want to check out Robert Kiyosaki`s latest column in Entrepreneur Magazine.
    He talks about how important it is to boost publicity efforts in tough, economic times. The article is not online yet, but look for it soon in the archives at www.entrepreneur.com or on stands now.
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    ConfirmBizConfirmBiz subscriber Posts: 0
    Great information, Darryl - thanks for the link.  Janie, you and I can relate to this, no?
    Melanie - I love Entrepreneur just got my new copy & will be all over this! 
    Do you have any advice/stats re: Marketing your webinar: free or pay, how to get people to attend, length of presentation, etc. ? My service is B2B and we`ve definitely had to change our approach in this economy - many of our industry/network shows have been joining forces to ensure attendance - our best show was moved from January to June.  We need help making the connection and, yikes, the budget isn`t getting any bigger.
    The client is used to being called on by vendors and it is extremely difficult getting their attention via email (38% open, 17% click through) Direct Mail (almost no response until 7th mailing, then less than 2% w/ postcards) telemarketing (client is often a working owner and behind the chair or in the treatment room - Salon/Spa). 
    The top 20% in the industry are more technically savvy or have additional staff who are decision makers and this connection is much easier to make or they look for us.  The challenge is with the other 80% of the network that would really benefit from our service & can afford it, but have no clue we exist.  Where do these people look for info?  When we`re able to make the connection with them, it seems to be pure luck.  It`s realy hard to factor luck into the plan.  Any ideas out there? 
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Michele,
    Have you already tried reaching out to the media, sending out an SEO press release or any other grassroots publicity activities? If you use the power of the press to generate buzz, you can boost awareness without spending a lot of money.
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