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Need some feedback/advice/expertise on a new business venture

Hi everyone, I am new here at SuN and I would like some feedback and advice on a possible new business venture. I was given about 30-40 laptops a few weeks ago. Some of the units were broken, so I pieced them together and now I have about 30 working units. Originally I was going to sell them on ebay. But then I tought, this is my opportunity to start my own business (Instead of eating my seed, I decided to plant it). I am a graphic/ web designer. I know a little about everything, I guess. Does anyone have any ideas? What would you do if you had 20 laptops?:-)


  • BizOptimizerBizOptimizer subscriber Posts: 1
    You could sell them.  You might make more as a tax write-off giving them away.  But probably the most profitable and Valuable is to set them up with software to improve the lives of deaf children/people, children in hospitals, or some other needy group and find people that will sponsor your charity - start a Foundation.
    Good luck,
  • leviduncanleviduncan subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow! This would definitely be a possibility. Great idea thanks.
  • leviduncanleviduncan subscriber Posts: 1
    Does anyone out there have any more great ideas I can consider?
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Start a computer training company for seniors. Take the laptops to senior centers or set up shop permanently.
  • TheJoeZoneTheJoeZone subscriber Posts: 5
    Since you are a member here at SUN, why dont you find someone here that is in the process of starting up a venture, and has little capital to work with and donate a laptop to him/her? I`m sure it would be appreciated. Just because we are here dosent mean we all have the resources for something that is a must in running a business. Just a thought  on "paying it foward". 
    Best of luck in all you do!
                            Joe (TheJoe Zone)
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