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Mortgage Business Fallout

DarcyDarcy subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
I am 52 and have invested the last 27 years in the Mortgage Business (both as a mortgage banker and mortgage broker) and this current situation has more than challenged financially.  It has also prompted me to consider a career change.  I am a single father with one child at home.  I currently own my own company, such as it is.
I have decided to investigate some form of online or e-commerce business.  I have an extremely low budget right now.  I have checked into scads of "work from home", "make millions in your underwear" types of promotions, I have even invested a number of "$19.95`s" to get information, but without exception they all smack of scams that just want to take my money.  I know that e-commerece is the current wild-wild west of our economy and as such offers good potential to make money (reasonable money).
Is there any advice as to: 1)Is there any legitamate online businesses that are available with a low startup cost? 2)Does Startup Nation have a case study on this arena 3)Has ANYONE in the Startup Nation sphere made money with this type of concept?


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    chrom10chrom10 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Darcy,
    I am currently looking for people in the mortgage business that will be interested in collaborating with me to make some commision.  I own a commercial financing company and I`m always interested in finding people that are having trouble getting financing for SBA loan through conventional banks.  Since I work with private lenders they are able to help finance start-ups or franchises even if they`ve been turned down by the bank or SBA.  I will be willing to pay a commission for each  loan that closes.  If you are interested please email me at jamie@jrcapgroup.com.
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    MenozMenoz subscriber Posts: 1
    are you licensed as a broker and banker?
    I may need a partner with such experience. I have a startup that will be working with homeowners by offering services that provide additional options to avoid foreclosure due to financial hardships. I have plans for other services that offer more options regarding debt relief as well as programs for buying selling real estate (home purchases) as an alternative to the traditional method of Find, Finance, and Forfeit Equity.
    In short, your experience would be used to offset my lack there of.
    if you have any desire to help homeowners protect their homes from foreclosure and credit from damage due to unexpected financial pressures. click on my user name (at the top of this post) and use the link "Send Message" to let me know. I`ll try to be as informative as I can and we can discuss the pro`s and con`s of partnering together.
    My company is incorporated in Kansas and will incorporate in other states as the business expands. Menoz1/2/2008 1:31 PM
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    johnsonkingjohnsonking subscriber Posts: 0
    I am thankful to all above members who debate and share experience on mortgage business. I would like to talk about those people who effected from mortgage because the lack of information. Kindly all the brokers should leave proper information before sign any agreement.
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