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Please critic www.metrolistings.org

John_Kober_MetroJohn_Kober_Metro subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2013 in Website Critique
Dear all,
Our team have created a free classified website www.metrolistings.org .The uniqueness of this site is you can post to multiple cities with just a click and have more than 570 categories with clean UI.It will be great if you can review our team hard work and provide constructive critism.Thanks in advance.


  • RJ933RJ933 subscriber Posts: 0
    It is interesting.  Reminiscent of Craigslist.  Seems robust so far.  What about security of communictions? How do users communicate?
    What measures will you use to keep spammers out?  It looks like 5 people full time to keep spam out.
    How well does it manage images?
  • John_Kober_MetroJohn_Kober_Metro subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear RJ,
    Thanks for your feedback.The communication between users are kept very simple and straight forward.Since the site is new yo may not see many postings.Here is an example http://paterson.metrolistings.org/descr ... p?axy=NjEx. Users can click REPLY ad to send response directly goes to their registered email.
    As far as controlling spams,the ads are posted only after verification of their email ID.Also,when replying to ad,it requires to confirm email twice and have to go through CAPTCHA to send repsone.Please see right side in the link above.
    You can post upto 6 images with total of 4MB space per ad.
    Can you also put some more comment on your first impession on the site.Thanks very much for your feedback again
  • RJ933RJ933 subscriber Posts: 0
    Anything going direct to lister's email is a hacker or spammers' dream come true.  Look how Craigslist does it, by an indirectly message relay,  no direct emails.
    You might need to change that, IF you can get some business.
    How do you hope to make money on this?  The business model?
  • John_Kober_MetroJohn_Kober_Metro subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi RJ,
    Thanks for your response.Certainly,that's an area for improvement.We are NOT charging for users to post in single city at this point.However,posting in multiple cities require a payment.The payment is 70% less compared to other competitors in the same business.Also we are using indeed,groupon,oodle api's to show users better ads availabe at this time.
    Here is an example of indeed jobs listings on our site http://chicago.metrolistings.org/employers/marketing
    and oodle apartment listings http://chicago.metrolistings.org/apts-r ... se-offered to make initial affiliate revenues.
    Please let us know if there are other methods for revenue generation for a startup.Thanks
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