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I know someone who made QVC/Oprah

GirlNextDoorGirlNextDoor subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Sales
She lives about 30 minutes away from me, and all I can say about her product is "Instant Eyeshadow".  They are flying her out Wednesday and taping Thursday.  She was notified with a call on Thursday (the day before we got our "No Thanks" emails).
I`m proud to have the state of CT represented and am excited for her.  Also glad to compare my product, which didn`t get chosen, to a product that did get chosen.  Shows me that my product was not a bad idea, just one they didn`t pick.  I still do not know why I didn`t get chosen, seems like my idea is as good as one`s they selected.
I can`t wait to see her on Oprah.  I wish I could tell you more about her, her product, but ....to protect her...you`ll find out on Thursday.  It is quite a story how her and I met too.
If you know anyone who made it post under this thread!GirlNextDoor2007-4-28 12:1:29


  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    That`s exciting GirlNextDoor. Can`t wait to watch on Thursday! Do you know what other products were selected?
  • mompreneurmompreneur subscriber Posts: 1
    Instant Eyeshaow?  Hmmm.....will be interested to see it.   Is she on the market yet?  Is she old/young  kids/no kids?  It will be interesting to see the variety of people who made it.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Hey - I did a google search and came up with this website. In the `news` section it mentioned Oprah`s Big Idea - is this your friend??
  • mompreneurmompreneur subscriber Posts: 1
    So much for keeping it a secret!  I can see why QVC would pick that product line.   I can totally see them demonstrating this.
    It looks like the release is on an old website....she might just not have the link up...and there are no dates on any of her releases so it`s quite possible she did them herself and it was an oversight.
    Either way, I wish her good luck.  She has won regardless but it will be fun to see what product wins.
  • TheTrueShutUpGirlTheTrueShutUpGirl subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Everyone!
    I`m new to this forum. It was so nice to see everyone`s communication. I was at the LA show and of course we were rejected too. I just watched the show today and I`m feeling maybe I read the rules wrong.....I thought QVC wanted us to be manufactured ready, etc..... Check out our website: Shutup.ws
    Any comments would be great!
  • topdogtopdog subscriber Posts: 0
    We attended the Oprah/QVC screening in LA as well.  What a great experience it was, however, we too were among the uninvited and we are fine with that. 
    Our response from QVC was very good.  They liked our product and we believe that we have a good chance of a future partnership with them.
    I do agree with you, our impression was that we needed to be a manufacturer ready to supply!  However, after watching the episode with the finalists, the winner was going to get funding from QVC to fulfill their dream.  This is fine, but it is not the way I understood it worked. 
    We turned down an opportuity the day prior in San Francisco that was more of a start-up reality show which seemed more like the winner on Oprah. 
    Regardless, I wish all the finalists and those, like ourselves who did not make the cut, great success in the future.  It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded with creative ambituous people.
    Carry on!
  • beautifuldivabeautifuldiva subscriber Posts: 1
    It has almost been a year since I appeared on Oprah as a finalist in her search for the next big idea! I attended the tradeshow in PA and arrived with the upmost confidence that I was going to be on Oprah. I found out I was selected on My Birthday, April 24th.  After that things happened so fast.  I sold the rights to my product as I did not have it in product and had no backing either.  I`ve kept my company going, http:/www.beautifuldiva.com
    I`ve been reading the comments here and am not sure who made the post by the screenname.  I can just tell you all that it was the experience of a life time. I made my mom proud.
    Myra Roldan
    Beautiful Diva
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