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POS Diplays - designing and manufacturing

dwgalhardodwgalhardo subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2009 in Sales
There is a great post on "who pays for point of sale displays" that prompted me to sign up on this site. The advice and suggestions were very concrete and good.

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about our point-of-sale. Currently we sell online only and have moderately hot product (www.tenkarausa.com). I'm thinking of starting to roll our products out to independent retailers (fly-shops) in the near future. Since this is a new category in fly-fishing, and we are creating this category, I have no doubt it is very important to create a good POS display.

Can anyone offer any guidance on how to approach designing and manufacturing them? I have a designer who can add the final touches. But, from your experience, should I approach a manufacturing company and work with them? Also, I am spending a lot of time searching but having a very hard time finding a company to help design and manufacture the POS.

Any advice, steps and recommendations are VERY appreciated.

Thank you,



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    dwgalhardodwgalhardo subscriber Posts: 1
    By the way, for recommendations/referrals , would appreciate if they are in the San Francisco, CA area, since I feel this is something where I would like to be able to see in person. If you believe this is really not necessary, please tell me. We just started in April.
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