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cirtique away please.

HackpearHackpear subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2007 in Website Critique
I have created this site over the past 4 months, its designed for entrepreneurs so I hope you enjoy it please let me know what you think. www.betheinvestor.com
Hackpear10/22/2007 8:09 AM


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    CookieMonsterCookieMonster subscriber Posts: 0
    Site looks good, somewhat interesting concept, good copywriting, clear presentation of your idea, outside focused, good job there. Design and colors are not my area of expertise but seem well thought out. I like the logo even if it seems very "me too" with the mobius strip and the mirrored text. So that`s the design.
    Your server is very slow [ I am in the US ]. In fact it`s really pretty awful and, for all intents and purposes, the site at present speed is unusable. Most people won`t bother to wait for the pages to load. The numbered buttons on the "Tour" page don`t work... but they virtually scream "Click Me".
    The lack of information about your company makes me uneasy. "two British designers" doesn`t cut it. The paragraph "With a little lateral thinking, some time spent at some big-named business schools in the US, and plenty of hard work, BeTheInvestor was launched. " is hyped and arrogant on two points: 1.) I`m sorry but implementing this web site and concept doesn`t look like it required a lot of work and 2.) WFC cares if you spent time at some "big-named business schools"? Lateral thinking is just a McKinsey buzzword. Can`t you just have a couple of biographies that talk about the founders, including where they attended school?
    Your "Questionaire" has text on the right side of the page. This text uses a ragged left edge. In English, you either use ragged left or justified text... Ragged right can work when the text must flow around something but in this case ... it is very difficult to read. If you don`t like the ragged right edge then put the text in a box and use a ragged right edge anyway. That will get you the square line up that you want.
    On your blog, both the "Features" link and "General Link" are broken.
    Good luck with your site guys!
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