Party Supply and Planning... Anyone have any tips?

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I just found this site and have found so much useful information on it, it`s great.  I am still just looking for a little insight from someone that may have some experience in the retail party supply and party planning businesses.  I originally thought of the idea in college in a career development class and by graduation had a business plan that was almost complete.  My main problem has been in the sales projections which being 24 and not having a ton of money sitting around is something that I need to get this thing rolling.  I would greatly appreciate any advice.  I have figured out my monthly cash flow needs and am just looking for something on the recievables side. 


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    I am planning on rolling them into one business.  At this point I would think that the supply end would take precedent becuase I am fairly new to the planning side of it all.  I have experience in planning but on a smaller scale than I would like to eventually be doing (at this point I have helped with smaller private parties, the biggest event I did was a benefit dinner and auction).  Down the road I would hope that I could let the party supply end work for itself and I would focus more on the event planning.  I hope that explains it a little better!
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    I live in a fairly small town that has a university.  At this time the only `big box` that we have is Fred Meyer.  They do carry a very limited inventory of party supplies.  For the most part you can only get the solid color plates/napkins/cups/etc.  We do also have a Dollar Tree that carries pretty much the same things.  My strategy is just to carry the items that they don`t have like the more specific themed items.  I am not even interested in keeping the inventory like you might find at a larger retail party supple store like Party Palace where they have every shade of every color in every item. 
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