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HipChix... a new idea?

YvetteMarieYvetteMarie subscriber Posts: 8
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
Ok.. So Quentins post got me to thinking...
Im currently into the planning stage of growing my portrait photography business.  I have already designed my HipCHix logo and branded it for inclusion in my business. 
Hipchix portrait partoes will involve going to a clients house and providing them with a princess/ diva or glamour party for their daughters... for birthdays mostly... or just because.  I would charge $50 per child.. and they will leave with a frame that they made themselves while we made up and took pictures of each girl individually... in a gift bag, with their frame and a printed out 4x6 for it from their session. I will also include a printed out proof sheet with a web address where they can order more pictures in various sizes, and slip in an advertisement for my studio of course....
What I have questions about...
Im hoping  to offer this... as an opportunity for stay at home moms and others to make extra money..  the HipChix logo, and branding, a complete HOW TO manual including the lagalities,  what they need, and where to buy it..a  business plan so they can get funding.. form templates for model releases etc.. a list of where to buy their supplies.. a webpage set up for them.. (www.hipchixparties/theirtown.com</A> not a real link)  or something.
With affordable prosumer cameras out there..  I think this could really be a good thing.  I know that they may have to have limited knowledge of photography.. but I would provide that info too.. basic set ups etc..
What Im thinking here.. is I wouldnt invest anything other than time and information.  Detailed info would be given on how to update their own sites (( I provide just templates )) how to set their cameras and lights.. etc.. Maybe even training DVDs to show them.. A support forum, and of course email support.  
Id like to teach them photoshop techniques too but thats a whole nother ball game and maybe taking it too far.. maybe I could charge for the forum and include a bunch of tutorials there?  I could photoshop their stuff for a fee.. but .. hmm.. depends on how busy I was.
Do you think this would be a feasible idea?  How much do you think people would be willing to pay ? Its not a franchise.. its not a turnkey set up really.. in that I dont invest anything HUGE.. just time and supplies for printing etc...
As a single mom.. who loves staying home with her kids.. Im thinking this is feasible.  A party a week  with 5 kids each could be $250 a weekend.. and whatever extra prints they sold.
Anyways.. Im up to any critique of this idea.. ;c) Ater I get it started and run it for about 6 months to get a history... Id like to sell the idea to others..
Am I  nuts?
Thanks!YvetteMarie2006-10-21 20:0:33
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