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Podcasting & Audio Production Services for New Media

adinfinitumadinfinitum subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
Hello,This is my first post here, so please fellow entrepreneurs - go easy on me.  =]I`ve been lurking around here for quite a while now, and this looks to be an excellent resource for anyone in a similar position to my own,  Hats off to the SuN founders for creating a wonderful service...Anyway, here`s my story:I`m almost ready to officially `launch` a new Podcast production and consulting business that has been in-progress for a very short time.  The almost-completed website which will serve as our web-base is http://www.audioexpansion.com - Please bear with the `under construction` status which we`re working hard to get beyond.  There are many areas of questionable text that is in the process of being revised.  =]Ok then - Here`s the basis of my inquiry...Although we`re focused at the current point in time on building relationships with corporate clients looking to enter into `New Media` initiatives, we`re also trying to pinpoint and target a potential niche that remains somewhat ambiguous - forming/developing User Generated Content-Based production networks.  Our interest in this area is based on the premise that as these `content-generation platforms` become more established and start gaining more `commercial` viability, content aggregators will likely develop a need for `back-end` audio and video post production services.  This concept was recently inspired by a fluke connection with a forming `User Generated Advertising` network I made locally (by accident!).  Since they are poised to collect user content targeted at products and brands, they have expressed a need for someone (like us) to handle the post production of the `accepted` material before it goes off to the advertisers.  They would potentially need us to `clean up` the user-submitted materials (ads) in order to tidy up the presentation for actual use.  Hopefully this makes sense so far...!I`m wondering if any of you have any suggestions in terms of finding other potential clients who would possibly need such `back-end` audio-focused production or editing / mastering work.  In the current growth state of internet media, it seems that such a need would most certainly arise in quite a few `under-discovered` corners, or perhaps within areas which are currently evading the capacity of my personal `research radar`.I know this is vague and somewhat ambiguous, but if any of you know what I`m talking about and have any advice or input, it would be greatly appreciated.  We`re young, hungry and well versed in dealing with all multimedia / digital content formats and contexts.  Where are the opportunities going to most likely come from, in your opinion?  Let `er rip!Thanks in advance to anyone who has consumed this lengthy request for information.  =]Best Regards,Dan Dashnawhttp://www.audioexpansion.com


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