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Hello Everyone

damendamen subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in New Member Welcome
Hello all, my name is Damen, from Virginia, and I`m a new member here.
I currently run a website as a "hobby", while I work my day job in IT.  I really enjoy running my website (and have been for the last year or so), and would love to be able to make it my job.
So, here I am.  I am hoping to learn all I can so that eventually I`ll be able to start my own business around the site, leaving behind my cubicle.
My site, for those interested, is Fighting Is Your Friend (http://www.fightingisyourfriend.com).  Yes, it is currently being prepared for a complete redesign


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    menexismenexis subscriber Posts: 1
    What exactly is this site about? I take it it is about MMA and the like? Anyhow, you have to figure out how to monitize the traffic from ads if that is how you plan on making money. You need to figure out how to keep people coming back to your site over and over.
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    damendamen subscriber Posts: 1
    It is a Martial Arts Resource Site - not MMA specific (or even with an MMA focus.. very little of the content up there currently is MMA related).
    Currently the site is averaging ~1700 unique visitors a month (not a lot, I know, but growing thankfully).  Ad revenue is part of the plan, however I also plan on having merchandise available in the near future (not counting the stuff that is currently available through the cafepress store).
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