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Becoming more with major sponsorship, How?

HeavydHeavyd subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2006 in Sales
I created a product, that is timely, and banks on a preception that exists inside and outside my market. I have been told by major name brand, recogniziable business`s that I have a strong idea, but I have no takers. Every company is all talk and my window is closing. How do I land a major sponsor, or partnership that can make me a monster L.L.C.
Inspect my site     www.officialsteal.com</A> Heavyd2006-9-10 0:53:21


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    SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
    In short, you need to start selling some - once you can demonstrate sales and a sufficient mass that`s when a sponsor will more than likely be most interested.
    For example if you`ve tested the market at 3-5 colleges and sold x units in each, you can demonstrate a roll out plan that I am sure will be a very good demographic for advertisers to reach. Know your demographics - is it 16-24, 16-34, etc
    It appears that it has attitude so target similar brands - Srixon in golf for example. (although I have to say that "traditional" golf companies tend to be very cautious - especially if it is to highlight ungentlemanly play)
    The site is a great resourse - but the other option is to license the idea to a retailer - harder to do but you then have a guaranteed distribution. The options to extend in to clothing, bumper stickers, etc are pretty limitless
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    JackedeJackede subscriber Posts: 1
    I don`t  get it and I`m a sports fan.

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    amacgi1amacgi1 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Heavyd,
    Finding a major partner is always a tricky task. I`m making a guess here, but I assume even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a tough time at first. So don`t be discouraged.
    If the companies you`ve approached have been interested but not moved further than that, it sounds like they don`t have a sense of urgency. So you`ve got to make one. Making your offer time sensitive or even pitting potential partners against eachother might help.
    Of course, if you`ve got the capital it might be wise to seek some subject matter expertise from a quality sales consultant who can offer some insight into your strategy and or perhaps even function as an outsourced sales arm for you.
    Just some thoughts I had as I read your question, hopefully you haven`t already considered them.
    My two cents, good luck.
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    HeavydHeavyd subscriber Posts: 1
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