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CladdaghCladdagh subscriber Posts: 1 Member
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First of all, I have to say "I love StartUpNation!" I have recently joined SuN and I am very impressed with all of you. This is truly a worthwhile community to belong to. I cannot believe how much positive energy and excellent advice can be found here.
nhgnikole suggested that I introduce myself and discuss our operating methods. My company, www.CladdaghPublishing.com</A> has taken the publishing industry by storm by going green.  When most people think about publishing houses, they think of waste and the destruction of natural resources. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that this does not have to be our industry`s norm. Below you will find a list of our efforts.
We have two offices, New York and Florida; where our local staff telecommutes. It is very important to both myself and my partner that we do our part to protect our environment and natural resources. We have taken the following measures to ensure that we do our part for the world around us:

Digital warehouse vs. pre-printed books stored in an energy dependant climate-controlled warehouse.

Direct shipping from our printing facility to the purchaser vs. shipping to the warehouse, then to the retailer, and finally to the consumer.
Books printed as they are sold vs. overprinting by preprinting thousands of copies per title.

All of the excess paper, trim paper, cover stock is recycled.

Additionally, we never use old growth forest paper to produce our books and we source our materials from renewable paper supplies.
Our greatest ecological impact is that we only produce books to fulfill an existing demand.
Part of our commitment includes working with suppliers who share the same environmental values. I strongly recommend taking your businesses green; for the betterment of our planet, our children, and (stay with me) your profits!
Thanks for taking the time to read this post.Claddagh2007-7-31 0:0:17


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    CladdaghCladdagh subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Irish? Don`t tell me you can see my red hair through the computer?  Yes, I am Irish, first generation American. I chose Claddagh because it has a very special meaning: love, friendship, and loyalty.
    To pronounce Claddagh think Klad-duh or with a NY accent imagine "ladder" (pronounced ladda) with a "C" in front. Now before I upset or offend anyone - I am from NY; so I feel qualified to make this suggestion.
    Hope this helps, Craig.
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