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Where do I begin???

itsbycynthiaitsbycynthia subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Selecting a Business
Hello - new to this site, and what a wellfont of information!
Currently I have a home-based business (converted garage) where I make custom western show apparel - you know, those fancy outfits that the girls showing quarter horses and paints wear, with tons of rhinestones, matching chaps, etc... It`s something I love doing, and I`m good at it as well.
In earlier times I`d have been considered a "seamstress" - however with the high demand, and high price of custom show outfits, I prefer to call myself an "equine stylist!"
Now - aside from having my retail license, collecting sales tax on in-state sales, developing a website (currently being re-vamped), having a good accountant - I`m NOT a business person.  Never even took "business 101" in school.  I`m flying by the seat of my pants here, and feel like I`m getting bogged down.
Any ideas?  I love what I do, there IS a market for well-made, custom designs that are reasonably priced.  I`m also a bit disabled, so working a 40-hour week outside of home is just not gonna happen.  Oh yeah, single mom on top of it all!
Cynthiaitsbycynthia2007-1-30 15:44:0


  • itsbycynthiaitsbycynthia subscriber Posts: 1
    Hmm... well now, I guess things are kind of buzzing along... I have some marketing planned - an ad in a big slick magazine geared specifically to people who show horses... revamping the website - I was a programmer before all this...
    My biggest problem is self-discipline.  I`m the poster child for adult ADD, and it`s VERY hard to keep track of everything.
    How about some organizational skill-builders?
  • bhealthy2bhealthy2 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi!  What a talent!  I personally can hardly sew a button.  After you get your website set up, you are going to need to draw people to it.  Check out my website at www.payitforward4profits.com/cathyc4</A> .  Since your in the process of revamping your site you should have some time to read through and learn how to market succesfully on the internet.  This will also provide you some extra income on the side.  From one mom to another we could always use extra income.
    Best of Luck! 
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