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Starting an 8a minority company

rookierookie subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2010 in Selecting a Business
I have been thinking of starting my own minority 8a company for couple years, and I would like to to know the following:
What are the qualifications?
I was born in an  Asian country and I am of Asian decent.  I have been working for a DoD contractors such as SAIC, Northrop, and an 8a minority company since 2000.  I have been with the Armed Forces Reserves and National Guard for more than 18 years (14years enlisted and 4 years officer) and plan to retire in six years.  After completing my one-year mobilization, it has been difficult to find a job.  I am unemployed and my wife is pregnant with our 3rd child; therefore, I think this is good time for me to start looking into it.
I am looking into starting my own contracting and primarily focus on a niche in the security area since DoD and other agencies are going from DITSCAP to DIACAP as mandated into the 8570.  I have several years experience in DoD systems, network, and information assurance performing certifications and accreditation (C&A).  I am currently working on my CISSP certification, a mandatory required for information assurance managers (IAM)
I found this link http://www.fedaccess.com/8(a showing the qualifications.
Where can I get assistance free or for-fee to get started?

http://www.startupnation.com/forums/1157/1/1 - Shonika provided great inputs.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
rookie4/20/2008 5:43 PM


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    newfoundwealthkingnewfoundwealthking subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Rookie,
    I think that`s a great idea.  I am actually working on something very similar. 
    What state do you reside in?  Because one of my businesses is based out of DC and we have a Minority Certification called the LSDBE and it really gives you a shoe in when it comes to the bidding process.  I would love to extend my knowledge and expertise to you and everyone in need of some corporate guidance here. 
    I believe it all really depends on the jurisdiction you plan to do business in, unless you wanted to stick with the gov`t strictly. 
    Feel free to ask any questions you have as I would kindly assist you.newfoundwealthking4/22/2008 12:37 AM
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    StinkAGoGoStinkAGoGo subscriber Posts: 0
    Check with you local SBA.  I know in California they give you step by step assistance in completing you 8(a) application.  You may want to look at the number of year that your business must be established to qualify as an 8(a) company.
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    cancel101cancel101 subscriber Posts: 0
    My company is 8a certified. I want to go after Federal Contracts using our 8a status. How do I start?
    We do IT staffing (contract, contract-hire, perm). I currently work with the State of CA and several counties. I know that the 8a certification will help us with Federal contracts but I do not know how to start that process and where to look. Can anyone offer some suggetions. We are also a small women owned business.
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