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Cold Calling into Voice Mail

calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2015 in Sales
Greetings yal,I had a question I wanted to run by you. One of my friends said that she often does cold calling for her business (education support or something) to potential clients after hours and goes straight to voice mail, leaves her message and gets call backs.Well, I thought this sounded like a decent idea, so I am in the process of trying it out, I hired an intern, trained her and we makign the calls. We just started on Friday, so I will let you know how it pans out. We will probably make calls between 615-745pm and hope to just drop the messages into voice mail.The script goes something like:* Greetings, our name, company name, we are the preferred vendor for web development for North Carolina A&T (we say that to lend credibility)* Say how we are calling on purpose after 5, so not to distract you from your business* Make our pitch on how we can help you get on the internet or expand your current website* Say if not for you, just delete if it is for you contact us via phone or websiteSo, what do you think? effective use of time? waste of time? or tweak it somehow?C.


  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    Sorry for the typo...in a rush..C.
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    One more quesiton, how  effective do you think cold calling into voice mail may be on the weekend? or should we just keep the calls to business days?Keep in mind when I say voicemail, we are calling company numbers not personal voicemails.C.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Calvinjr,I love it! I think it`s a great use of resourses. It is much like a bulk mail list. Even if you are calling targeted business numbers, I would guess your return to be similar to bulk mail. That`s about 1-3% from what I gather about bulk mail. Of course that is 1-3% success, not just returning your call. I suppose you are trying to sell or provide them with something... thus making money... so "success" is a sale.I would be very interested in knowing your results. This could be applied to many different industries of sale.
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    Great, well I just wanted to make sure.  God blesses me with people and ideas and this was a great confirmation.C.
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello CalvinJr.
        I have a home business and bought leads to make cold calls.  I found that if calling a business number (as indicated from the lead) that calling after hours, as you indicated or on weekends, was a waste of time.  To call typically between 9am and 11am and/or 2pm to 4:30pm weekdays was best.
    Good luck
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    Ron,Thanks, you are confirming what one of my mentors told me after I posted this thread.C.
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi CalvinJr,
        How are things going with your leaving mesages in voicemail?  Any call backs yet?  I thought I`d just follow-up with you.
        I also wanted to let you know that I`m no longer buying leads and no longer making cold calls.  I came accross this no risk, no cost program (see sig file) that I`ve been with now for only 6 days and people have been calling me.  People who want what I have to offer.  So if you want to make effective use of time you can let this program do all the work for you, no matter what business you have, and get people calling you.  Will that help you with time?  People calling you?  It sure is working for me now and I have had a Home Business for over 3 years, doing only OK but now, and I can`t believe it, people are calling me.  LOL  I hope this will help.
    Good luck and let me know how things have been going with your calls.
    Thanks, Ron
  • PingWorxPingWorx subscriber Posts: 2
    Im interested to hear about this cold call approach.  I am willing to give it a try.
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Im interested to hear about this cold call approach.  I am willing to give it a try.
    Hey PingWorx, I`ve tried the "Cold Call" approach and always ended up depressed, especially if I bought leads who were suppose to be wanting what I offered.  What a waste.  I now have people calling me asking for what I have to offer, really!  Check out my signature link to find out if you like...
  • citizenkingcitizenking subscriber Posts: 0
    Calvin, you have a great idea, just make sure YOU don`t make the calls or pay others to make the calls. Make ONE message to leave on the voice mail and broadcast it to the answering machines. I use Automated Response Technology. I can leave 1000 or 10,000 messgages or more in 30 seconds. All you do is record a messgage, upload your file to their website and click. They`re at www.automaticresponse.com</A>. If you (or anybody else) decide to try them, let me know because I`ll get a credit for referring you
  • flowers3flowers3 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi There Calvin,
    I use to do cold calling for years and it was very time consuming. I no longer have to do that, my prospects call me and I have more time to do other things. I can market all my products using this new technology. Its nice to have your telephone ringing off the hook with interested prospects. It has been a blessing for my business. Voice mail is almost as good as what I use for my business.
  • PingWorxPingWorx subscriber Posts: 2
    You make a vlaid point.  I am with an Integrated web agency that provides complete online solutions for small to medium businesses by combining all Deign, Mechanics, Marketing and Support in one packaged solution.  Basically, we take over your internet presence and do it for you for a set monthly fee.  We will maintain, do content changes, SEO, anything pertaining to your site we will handle.  You as a company outsource your web operation to us and then you have a dedicated team at your disposal, which allows you to run your business, that you know best.  If you want visit, www.Pingworx.com.
    Now that I have stated my product, how do you get in touch with the right people to provide this solution?
  • PingWorxPingWorx subscriber Posts: 2
    Once again you make a strong point.  I have been making cold calls, trying different things as far as approach.  But, like you said response rates are tough, but i`ll play percentages. 
    Is the company that is providing you with web services going to maintain it for you? Are they building it with SEO in mind?  Just curious, maybe there is still room for me to offer some services, haha!!!
    I appreciate all your input.
  • MNMtgGuyMNMtgGuy subscriber Posts: 3
    Anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone HAS TO visit with Art Sobczak.
    Art SobczakBusiness By Phone Inc.13254 Stevens St.Omaha, NE, 68137402-895-9399[email protected]</A>
  • dakealodakealo subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Ron,
    What is this no cost, no risk program that has prospects calling you? I`m new to the site and wasn`t sure what you meant when you referred to your "sig file" in your response to Calvin.
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