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As one who seeks funding, I`m wondering what investors look for as an exit?  What is a good exit to offer to an investor so I don`t look as if I haven`t thought that far?
Furthermore, what do investors consider a good exit structure/strategy to a deal?
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    I believe it depends on the deal. 
    Are you looking for real estate investors?  A good "exit strategy" would be the payout of a completed project, with an opportunity to take their money and run or invest in the next project. 
    Are you looking for investors for an on going business?  A good exit strategy may be that after x amount of years of collecting quarterly dividends they could opt to cash in their stock in the deal.
    I hope that was clear enough for you. With a little more info I may be able to give a clear answer.
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    thanks robert and dr, it does help and clarify how I should structure an exit...jerik
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