Wanting to Sell my Corporation

ChawvivChawviv subscriber Posts: 1
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What do I need to do to sell my corp to another corp?


  • LSnyderLSnyder subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Chawviv,
    It might be a good idea to consult with an attorney. 
    The law firm I work for deals with business law.  Please drop me an email with your questions.
  • StevenSStevenS subscriber Posts: 1
    All the corporation needs to do is buy all the stock of the other corporation. It`s really not that hard to do. The buying corporation would then name new officers of the corporation and go from there.
    There are a few legal and a lot of tax considerations that you may need to discuss with an accountant or attorney but the sale is pretty straight forward.
    You can also write a purchase agreement to buy the corporation.
    This is only my opinion but you have options.
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