Hi and Help Please

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Hi, I`m new & have to tell you I love this site.  It`s full of great info.  Now on to the Help part.  I have created a formula, that by the FDA is considered an over the counter drug.  I believe that I can follow all of their rules regarding it`s sale but am still doing research on that to be safe.  I`m also considering formulating it to be all natural which makes it homeopathic & subject to a seperate set of rules.  On to my questions......
In order for me to follow the FDA guidelines I have to use only their specific active ingredient but I can add others.  If I do this how different from another patent do I have to be to be patentable?  Is it considered obvious if my ingredients are natural but have never been used for this purpose?  When I get the provisional patent does it leave room for me to change the formula in the final patent?  Should I get my provisional before going to a manufacturer to finalize the formulation?  Okay, I think that`s enough for now.  Thank you in advance for your help.


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