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eopensesame01eopensesame01 subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2009 in Marketing

Did you ever dreaming about being your own boss, but could not because you lack resources and capital? With us, your dream will come true now. Please visit us at www.eopensesame.com or drop us a line at info#eopensesame.com.



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    thefinancialbankerthefinancialbanker subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi All,

    Found a great new site called www.gazhoo.com that has all kinds of valuation models and other finance models that you can buy or get for free.

    You can also post your own documents for others to download or buy as well.

    Its at www.gazhoo.com

    All the Best,
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    eopensesame01eopensesame01 subscriber Posts: 1

    We are a B2B company with offices in U.S., Canada and China. Our B2B model aims at helping small businesses procure directly from Chinese manufacturers. We distinguish ourselves from other B2B companies by:



    Door-to-Door Service

    : Once you place your order with us, you need do nothing else but wait for your goods at your door. This service is made possible through our branch in your country, and partnership with carefully selected custom brokers and logistics companies in your country.


    Just-a-ClickTM Import

    : All information about importing a product is available on our website. You just need to click on your keyboard to import the merchandise you want. It is time saving and hassle free. You do not have to locate suppliers, do the selection, make your inquiries, study offers, counter offers, do negotiations, worry about quality control and timely delivery, and deal with custom clearance and transportation.


    Quality Guarantee

    : We choose manufacturers from dozens of their peers, based on their pricing, quality control, competitiveness, innovative capability, technology investment, financial strength, and management, etc. We conduct regular evaluations on the manufacturer we chose to ensure quality. We also do the on-site inspection before packaging and delivery.


    Economy of Scale & Low Prices

    : We combine small orders from different buyers into big orders to get the lowest price for our buyers from our manufacturer under contract.  Because of the volume of our shipping demand and custom clearance demand, we are able to keep all costs at the lowest level for our buyers at every link of import. Besides, you do not have the traditional middlemen.


    For more details, please visit us at www.transB2B.com. You can also go directly to http://www.transb2b.com/wigs-hairpieces/index.aspx to view wigs and hair extensions.

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