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What do you guys think?

RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
Asking for a simple critique for my website.
It is mostly finished with a few minor things that need to be put into place, including privacy policy, Terms of Service and copyright information.
Also, while critiquing the site, keep these questions in mind as I am very interested in these thoughts. 
Is the text clear and concise?
Is the site easy to navigate?
Is the layout clear and colors not too overpowering but at the same time not to subtle.
The site will continue to be refined as time goes and I know it is a lot of text, but the site`s main purpose is to inform people about what we do.  Not sell an easily definable merchandise but a relatively abstract concept that can only be thoroughly defined on a case by case basis.


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    The only confusion I had was that the site map isn`t labeled.  Otherwise it was easy to find my way through it.
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    RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks, I`ll keep that in mind as I make changes
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    RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
    This is really good Craig, thanks a lot for the feedback.  I`ll get together with my partners to discuss what you have posted.  Also, which version did you see?  I recently changed the layout and fixed the site map at the bottom so everything should be cleaner and more concise.
    Also here are a few questions I have if you don`t mind clarifying:
    Is it necessary to answer the price question?  My partners discussed this at length and decided it was best to have a general price guide but at the same time made sure any potential clients knew that many times the prices will change due to every client being different and having different needs.
    Do you think the web site could use more images?  I`ve been kicking this around since I am a firm believer that well placed images can help break up text and make a page look less daunting to read.
    Also, though a business owner may not know why they need an online presence, shouldn`t most business owners know what a business model is?  Just a thought.
    Thanks again Craig,
    TomRiujinZero8/11/2009 11:35 AM
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    RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Craig,
    My partners and I took a lot of what you said in your last post and tried our best to integrate them into the site. 
    As for the pricing guides, we do have general price guides, the links can be found in the side menu and are underneath "Pricing Guides".  It isn`t on the front page but can be navigated to in one click.  Should we state prices on the front page?
    The part about pictures was a little confusing for me.  So should I add more pictures or should I focus on text pitches?
    I`ll talk to my partners and go over the site again with your latest comments in mind.
    - Tom
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    ArcherTCArcherTC subscriber Posts: 1
    Great points, Craig.
    Clarification, however, on the capitalization of Web/web: When referring to the World Wide Web (as in, "to get your products on the Web") then, yes, it is capitalized.  When referring to web development, web designer, etc. (as in, "venturing into the world of web development"), it is acceptable to lowercase, since the person is not developing nor designing *the* Web. 
    I would add the following critiques to the site:
    Please speak with your web designer about page titles.  Currently, you have page names that say simply "about us" and "contact us."  Because page titles are an important piece of search engine optimization (SEO), you will want page titles that are more descriptive.  For example, the "about us" page could have a title like "The Products and Services of The Pendex" or "Company Profile | ThePendex."  Read more on SEO via Google.
    Please speak with your copywriter about editing and proofreading your pages.  I found some examples quickly for why this is needed:Ex. Then maybe it`s about time you  looked into creating a Web presence? 
    -- front page, first paragraph.  Should be a statement, not a questionEx. We can translate the way you already run your brick and mortor operation into a Web-based equivalent.
    -- front page again.  Mortar is misspelled.
    I found others, unfortunately.  Spelling errors, misuse of punctuation, and incorrect word usage may be excused in my post (thanks!) but could make the difference in selling your business services.
    Best wishes on your launch.
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    RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Tammi,
    I`ll get this stuff looked into right away. 
    - Tom
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    BoinbutpBoinbutp subscriber Posts: 0
    The same thing happened to me. When i was 6 or so a pregnant cat gave birth to kittens in my garage. It was a very stormy night. We made her a box with some towels so she would have somewhere nice to give birth. In the morning she and her kittens were nowhere to be found. Fast forward a few years and I see her walking in our backyard(she appeared to be stray as she was very scared of people), so i gave her a can of tuna, and she started to stick around. She even started coming in the house for brief moments to eat and then would immediately want to leave. After a while she started to sleep in the house on very cold nights. A few years go by and a woman walking down the street notices the cat and strikes up a conversation with me. She explains that she was the original owner of the cat, and about how her kittens drove her away. She was happy that someone has started feeding her and taking care of her.
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    JiitakelJiitakel subscriber Posts: 0
    So my dad just got married around 2 months ago. His wife has been acting sorta weird and so has he. My dad has always wanted a baby girl he never has had one of his own, he has 4 boys. Well im a girl and has been with him since i was 4years old. He is my step dad but call him my dad cause he has been their for me since then. My mom passed away around 1 year ago but never could've had anymore babies after me so im an only child. Like I said his wife has been acting strange, Such as she says she is so fat, I mean she is skinner than a stick this was when I first met her. Now she has some belly and she like rubs it and holds it. Then when my dad comes home from work he pats her belly and laughs. One time she said she fainted and i dont know what else. I haven't seen her throw up yet cause im mainly at school or in my room
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    KagjgeveKagjgeve subscriber Posts: 0
    I was invited, some months ago, to attend a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course designed to help diabetics cope with the depression caused by having trouble controlling their diabetes. Since the NHS paid, I went out of curiosity. I DO control my condition[ A1c in the 5% s] and I am NOT depressed. After the course we were asked for an evalutaion. My comment was that if the NHS is spending this money on psychological training, It would be better spent teachig people to manage the diabetes and thus avoid depression in the first place.
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    JaraseyoJaraseyo subscriber Posts: 0
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