Plan to start small but in what market?

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I have come across my first problem on my journey into the unknown.  I`ve decided that this is the path for me but not yet sure where to stick my foot in at.  I live in a thriving east coast community and i think there is opportunity to start a small business providing a service of some kind.  My other option, I am thinking about  starting a small internet business maybe with ebay or creating a website for a local niche.   Does anyone have any good advice on where to start at online?  I`ve listened to hundreds of podcasts about start ups and learned a lot recently. I`m also taking seminars at the local community college but at this point I beleive i need a little advice or any kind of feedback good or bad. thanks


  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises Posts: 3subscriber
    I`d have to agree with gcompc! What is your passion? Take that and try to start something along those lines. If your enjoying what you do, then you`ll do it better.
    Good Luck!
    rajinenterprises4/26/2008 12:37 AM
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    In America, think BIG.
    I just got a billion-dollar idea/invention, as an example.
  • CorydatCorydat Posts: 2subscriber
    Thanks to those that responded. Well I`m 23 and working as a cad technician at a architecture firm.  I do enjoy architecture/construction/building.  I also enjoy the nearby beach, philosophy, and self development. I`m getting into windsurfing.  I like the outdoors hunting fishing etc. I would say right now my only passion is to make myself money instead of making money for somone else. So i suppose i`ll just keep thinking and keep my eyes open.Corydat4/26/2008 9:47 PM
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