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warehousing and distribution, how can I find more?

cdscds subscriber Posts: 1
Hi, My name is santos and I have already been in business for six years. I already have a small warehouse and six employees, but it seems that business is maintining a steady pace. I`m not losing any work but at the same time I dont seem to be gaining anything either. I have ads ads in all the local phone books and send out flyers but that only does so much. If I am to gain more business should i be targeting a specific person in a company such as a purchasing manager or warehouse superviser or simply try to find out who is in charge and target them. my business offers warehousing, distribution, same day and next day deliveries, routed deliveries from documents to freight to southern california and slightly beyond. Any advise would be appreciated.   Thanks.


  • cdscds subscriber Posts: 1
    Jeff, thanks for the bit of advise, I`ll get right on it. it sound like i should even expedite the building of our website. have a great day jeff your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    One way to expand your  reach is to advertise in warehousing and distribution trade publications.  You can find addresses for for these publications on line by key word search such as "logistic puplications" or go to "Pub List" which is a listing of magor publications in the USA.  You might also try the local Chamber of Commerece in cities you want to target.  They can provide contact names for specific industries.
  • emeliaingramemeliaingram subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Well i can suggest here is you go or do online marketing. Online marketing is one of the good strategy to promote your business more. Warehousing and distribution logistics is a good industry, almost all businesses has warehousing logistics. Although we know that warehousing distribution is not that easy to do but also its not hard to be successful. When you do online marketing more clients will come to you and inquire for your warehousing and distribution logistics service.

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